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4 tips to let you get wins in CS:GO

The fact Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has a huge number of seasoned players implies climbing the skill ladder is an arduous task. You need to boost your skills so as to surpass those of other players in the lower tier, the Silver rank. Each and every game you play is, nonetheless, radically different because the players at each of the 18 levels are unpredictable and often surprise you by adopting unconventional strategies. To adequately arm yourself to rise to your dream tier, use the following sure guide on how to rank up in CSGO.

1. Play with friends

cs:go tips

Playing CSGO with friends is more fun than playing alone. Besides, playing with people you know makes ranking up more of a teamwork and hence much easier. If none of your close friends plays the game, and introducing them to the platform is not viable, identify good players and request that you queue with them. Solo queuing tends to make winning matches a lot harder because you are always dealing with random players. So, make an effort to always play against the same players every time you play. Continue reading