Rocket league still on top of the steam hot game charts

Rocket league still on top of the steam hot game charts

Rocket League is basically a game developed and published by Psyonix which is soccer on cars. The Rocket League game was launched in the month of July in the year 2015 on the Microsoft Windows platform and the Play station 4 consoles. With help of Warner Bros, the game was distributed physically on Xbox one console, Play station 4 console and also the Nintendo Switch console in the year of 2016.

About the Rocket league Game

Rocket League is basically a soccer game with cars with rocket powers. Rocket League allows up to four players in each team with two teams playing against each other with help of their rocket power cars. Whichever team scores a goal gets ahead of the game just like normal soccer. The Rocket League game has both multiplayer and single-player modes which can be played both online as well as locally. Users from different platforms can play against each other. The platform that users are playing is not important. The game has been updated on a regular basis and new game modes are added to it to increase the user experience. The latest game modes are basketball and ice hockey. Users can download Rocket League on Steam.

Rocket League Game Details

  • The Rocket League game comes with the Season Mode which allows all its players to get a single player experience while playing.
  • The battle car extensive customization with 10 billion combinations is a game changer and increases the experience of all the players.
  • While playing users will be able to unlock different vehicles, items, leaderboard and stat tracking.
  • The Rocket League game comes with different configurations and up to 8 players can play it with different team sizes.
  • If users are interested in playing locally they can play up to 4 users with the split screen mode.
  • Allow players to buy packs or crates to get more rocket league items so that they can dress up or upgrade their vehicles.

rocket league crates

Another reason why all the players of Rocket League are hooked to this game is that of the Universal Open Rocket League which is this summer. This is basically a league where all the users will be participating in a 2 vs 2 face-off the match and the winner of the league will be awarded $100,000. There are basically four stages of the Universal Open Rocket League:

  • Online Open Qualifiers
  • Regional Closed Qualifiers
  • Regional Finals
  • Grand Finals which will be in NBC Studios with four teams from Europe and 4 teams from North America.

All the players who are playing this game are waiting for the Universal Open Rocket League to be started. The Universal Open Rocket League will be starting on the 10th of May which is a Thursday and the game will be running until 14th of May which is a Monday.

Rocket League is one of the biggest selling games in the market. In the month of April, it was the most sold game for the Nintendo Switch console. In spite of Nintendo Kirby Star, Allies Rocket League is still the best selling game on eShop

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