4 tips to let you get wins in CS:GO

The fact Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has a huge number of seasoned players implies climbing the skill ladder is an arduous task. You need to boost your skills so as to surpass those of other players in the lower tier, the Silver rank. Each and every game you play is, nonetheless, radically different because the players at each of the 18 levels are unpredictable and often surprise you by adopting unconventional strategies. To adequately arm yourself to rise to your dream tier, use the following sure guide on how to rank up in CSGO.

1. Play with friends

cs:go tips

Playing CSGO with friends is more fun than playing alone. Besides, playing with people you know makes ranking up more of a teamwork and hence much easier. If none of your close friends plays the game, and introducing them to the platform is not viable, identify good players and request that you queue with them. Solo queuing tends to make winning matches a lot harder because you are always dealing with random players. So, make an effort to always play against the same players every time you play.

2. Play Carry

As you go into matches, play in a manner that propels your team to victory. This style is referred to as carrying, and its aim isn’t to acquire skills. It purely involves playing to win rounds; as long as you win rounds, the amount of expertise you get doesn’t matter here. To play carry, you must be a team, so that you Carry your team by customizing your style based on the requirements of the team.

3. Practice spray control

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Different guns have different sprays, and for any particular spray, bullets shoot in a certain way. While learning the spray form of each gun is not necessary, it is important to learn those of standard ones like M4A4, AK-47, P90, MAC-10, MP7, and Famas. Of all the guns at your disposal in-game, these are the types that are widely available. Familiarize yourself with how each of the guns behaves. You should, primarily, aim to counter the spray pattern so as to cater for the recoil. Doing so gives you a narrow spray pattern allowing you to be more precise and fundamentally a much better player. RPGAH always provide with the cheap price of CSGO SKINS, you can click here to find more.

4. Watch Pros playing

After you win a few games and begin to understand different strategies used in the CSGO, find time to look at the pros play. Pay attention to their preferred positional play styles, how they spray or hold fire and how to play SC: GO as a team. Look for a convenient platform to watch the most accomplished players and use the tricks you learn from them to improve your rank.


With the above, proven tips, you are now equipped with all the necessary tricks to boost your performance and hence move up to the next tier in CSGO. Try your best not to lose much game because losing affects your rank negatively. So, since Counter Strike: Global Offensive is based on a 5-man team, co-operation is vital; adopt a working plan and communicate effectively at all times.

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