ACGHK2017 SONY PlayStation SHOW Photo News

acghk sony playstaion show

At ACGHK game show, SIEJA President Atsushi Morita attended the conference.

Gran Tursimo Sport with chinese language release time: 2017/10/17

New Golf for PS4 realease time: 2017/8/29

Knack 2 can be preorder now, and the release time: 2017/9/5

God of War Make sure to release the Chinese language version.

Detroit Become Human will have the chinese language version.

Destiny 2 will come out at 2017/9/6 with chinese language.

Call of Duty WWII release time: 2017/11/3, and HK server players can join the beta closed test.

Not only to provide traditional Chinese version, the fifa 18 will also have simplified Chinese version.

Need For Speed Payback also provide with the chinese language.

That’s all the information I got at the press conference

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